Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Web Series: Foreign Bodies

I made it through about half of this series a couple of months ago from the producers of Prom Queen. It's kind of trashy but I enjoyed seeing Indian location shooting and girls in skimpy outfits. The series was made to promote Robin Cook's latest novel Foreign Body about medical tourism.

An Exotic Thriller:

A group of dangerous Indian beauties, brimming with hope and desire are brought to the sunny shores of Southern California and are promised the American dream. They are taken in by a group of young, cutthroat medical entrepreneurs who hope to train them and cultivate their nursing skills for their own mysterious ends. The women soon become seduced by the brash and ambitious charmer who lords over them, but for him, his lust for the one, mysterious, unattainable beauty threatens to unravel the very conspiracy he built.

But who is seducing whom and what exactly are the women really being trained to do? With freedoms in America they could never imagine, the girls discover they just might get what they want, no matter the consequences or the risks involved.

Take this trip into seduction, murder, and international intrigue. From the exotic streets of Delhi, India to the sun-soaked sands of Santa Monica, mystery, deceit, and romance are around every corner. Witness how this tale of illicit passion, murderous ambition, and the dark underbelly of medicine unfolds and how life will never be the same for everyone involved.


Watch more at: www.foreignbody.tv