Thursday, July 31, 2008

More CYOA Style YouTube

Here's another choose your own adventure YouTube series that held my attention for about 41 seconds, mostly because it's in English. The videos that follow the first use the "Video Responses" panel to present you with choices instead of YouTube Annotations.

CHOOSE YOUR PATH- Find Sparta the Cat.

The creator, Cory Williams, is a paid partner at YouTube with videos pulling in 10 million+ views. His stuff doesn't really appeal to me.

But stop-motion LEGO animation? Yes, please!


Other URCUZBOB lego work at his YouTube Channel.

Tube Adventures

A group of dudes from Spain put together this interactive YouTube video using the annotations feature. I lost interest in about 40 seconds but it did stink of 'potential'. If anyone's up for writing something, I'm up for shooting it :cough Brant cough:


Note: This apparently only works via the YouTube site and not embedded videos. Hence the absence of another embed to slow your browser.

Zombie Zombie clip

Directed by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


That stupid earthquake got so much coverage yesterday. It's a little ridiculous but the video popping up on YouTube is amusing.

Test Your Awareness

A London cyclist awareness campaign

Friday, July 25, 2008

Atama Yama (Mt. Head)

After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows on his head and he gets into a lot of trouble. This animated film is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese Rakugo story "Atama-yama" set in contemporary Tokyo.

Director: Koji Yamamura
Runtime: 10:00

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Chicks, man.

HIGH-RES Version

Director: Lorcan Finnegan
Runtime: 3:33
Official Site:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Oh my God.

(Warning: This thing will continue playing videos if you don't press stop...)

Band: Gnarls Barkley
Album: The Odd Couple
Director: Chris Milk

The Story of a Sign

"With a stroke of the pen, a stranger transforms the afternoon for another man..."

Director: Alonso Alvarez Barreda
Runtime : 04:50

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things Are Not What They Stream

"Have corporate-sponsored Internet pranks gone too far?"'s article on "stealth viral" videos that've been spreading across YouTube. Some of these FAKE viral videos below:
Cell phones popping corn:

Catching Ray Bans:

More from Neverhide.

Guys jump into Levi's:

More from unbuttonedfilms.

The much parodied Kobe car jump:


Double-you, tea, eff? Natalie Portman in her boyfriend's new music video.

Band: Devendra Banhart
Album: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

Jedi Gym

Former swordplay trainer to the stars and Star Wars fanatic Jeremy Flynn recently opened "Jedi Gym", a fitness center in Torrance, CA where members channel characters from the Star Wars film series to work out, meditate, and improve their lives.
"Star Wars is all about the Hero's Journey, and so is working out," says Flynn, " you leave home, battle your demons, and hopefully return home stronger."

Flynn is frustrated with his students' lack of commitment and focus, but when a 7-foot man in an incredibly authentic Darth Vader suit arrives at the gym, Flynn thinks he's found his dream student.

Instead, Flynn and his students learn, first hand, about how powerful the Dark Side can be...

Film by VanRoble

Food Party

This is bizarre. Think of Pee Wee's Playhouse as a cooking show. Except Pee Wee here is a Vietnamese girl named Thu Tran. Gotta support my peeps. Full episodes at

A sample of the madness:

Part of the Christmas Special:

Created by Thu Tran
Directed by Zachariah Durr

Monday, July 21, 2008


Saddam Hussein discussing his music on Boink, a NY cable access show.

Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No News

I just woke up from a dream where I was a pallbearer at a funeral. But my friend's and I carried the coffin into a Kolova Milk Bar-looking joint where someone asked who the body was. I told them it was John Lennon and started crying. I think someone slipped a mushroom 'boost' into my Jamba Juice.

You may have seen a similar video with a musical soundtrack. I saw this one first, a couple of months ago and remember thinking, "I wish."

Black Market

This is a painful video to watch but it's obviously effected me today and motivated me to learn more about wildlife protection and conservation. It describes the black market trade of animal parts around Asia. [WARNING: Graphic images.]

"Globally, the wildlife trade is the third largest illegal trade. A driving force is the ancient belief that animal parts contain "magical" properties. Although science has largely disproved these superstitions, the trade continues."


I forgot about this awesome street art film I saw a couple weeks back, shot in Buenos Aires and Baden.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Artist: Blu
Runtime: 7:26


Cuba! I've been watching the video pieces on A lot of the topics are pretty heavy (Death in the Congo, aftermath of Chernobyl, drug addicts in NY, etc.) I'll post some later. This one was a bit lighter and obviously reminded me of my own trip there. It's not incredibly compelling but it helped bring my mood back up after an hour of war, leprosy, and drug footage.
Music by: RJD2
Director: leftchannel

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whatever We Do

(WARNING: Language and Sexual Situations, NSFW)
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Amanda Peet, Tim Roth, and Zooey Deschanel.

A newly engaged 30 something's plans for a romantic day are thwarted when the man's charismatic and crazy childhood friend arrives with an agenda to celebrate the pending nuptials via a drunken debauch, and the seduction of the new fiancee.

Director: Kevin Connolly
Runtime: 23:13


Nice find, Brant. Remember when we were always on the lookout for boots and white laces in Berlin?

Directed by: Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv
Runtime: 7:11

White Red Panic

White Red Panic - SHORT FILM (HD) from Ayz Waraich on Vimeo.

A little thriller about two guys mixed up in the wrong side of life, and the toll it takes on their character and soul.

Director: Ayz Waraich
Runtime: 8:51
Official Site:

Simon's Cat

Azad and I are cat-sitting next week.
TV Dinner

Let Me In

Cat Man Do

Official Site:

Feist on Sesame Street

1234... perfect.


Feist was pretty much the soundtrack to my first few months in Europe last year.

Le Montage

Boy meets girl... in the style of every 80's movie you ever remember watching.

Produced by Handsome Donkey
Runtime: 9:00

Time for Some Campaignin'

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Horrible

Joss Whedon's (creator, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) "Dr. Horrible" web series.

Xenogenesis (1978)- James Cameron

Via Binary Bonsai

James Cameron's first film, presented as a part of an ongoing series, and with hardly any plot to speak of. It showcases all things Cameron in a 12-minute robot vs. robot low-budget special effects demo.

Amblin' (1968)- Steven Spielberg

From Brant's blog:

Amblin' is the first completed film shot by Steven Spielberg on 35mm. The film is a short story set during the hippy era of the late '60s about a young couple who meet up in the desert, become friends, then lovers and make their way to a paradisiacal beach.

Radiohead - House of Cards

"In Radiohead's new video for "House of Cards", no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data."

Band: Radiohead
Title: House of Cards
Album: In Rainbows
Directed by James Frost
Runtime: 4:32

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stylized Captions Arouse Desire

A different way of subtitling...

Director: Ben Collins

Can you tell I'm just watching all of the SCAD Shorts?

Weezer - Pork and Beans

Weezer's video that parodies viral video phenoms.

Higher Quality YouTube

Band: Weezer
Title: Pork and Beans
Album: (Red Album)
Director: Matthew Cullen

Jay and Seth vs. The Apocalypse

I read somewhere that this fake trailer is going to actually become a real feature. Seth Rogan and these guys must be making movies 24 hours a day. (Warning: Profanity, NSFW)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Short Love Story in Stop Motion

Pff, love. Bleh.

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Apparently a work in progress. Nice work so far.

Director: Carlos Lascano

Lo que tú quieras oír

This one's in Spanish. What's incredible is that this film has over 74 million hits on YouTube. There's an English synopsis below.

Sofia, a preschool teacher, returns home from her job to find a recording on her voicemail from her husband, Miguel, telling her that he has left and is not coming back. She stays at home depressed for a couple of weeks, before having the idea to take the recording and rearrange it to make Miguel say what she wants him to. After having him tell her he needs to come home and he loves her and other similar things, Sofia smiles and tells him, simply, "No."

Director: Guillermo Zapata
Runtime: 8:00

Hipster Olympics

Ah Williamsberg hipsters.

Director: Taige Jensen
Official site:


Barackula, the Musical. Wha? How'd I miss this? (Aside from being in New Zealand when it was released)

Barackula from mark mannschreck on Vimeo.

Directed by: Mike Lawson
Official site:

Skewered Citizens Amuse Demigod

I guess this is why love hurts so much.
Behind the Scenes, quicktime

Director: Christian Simmons

Electroshock Therapy

I remember being very moved by this video when I watched it several months back. It's hard to explain depression to people and when you try, they often dismiss you, thinking you've just got the blues. However, hearing a doctor discuss, especially one who has gone through it himself, seems to give it more legitimacy. (Warning: Very brief profanity, NSFW)

"Surgeon and author Sherwin Nuland discusses the development of electroshock therapy as a cure for severe, life-threatening depression -- including his own. It’s a moving and heartfelt talk about relief, redemption and second chances."

Runtime: 22:30

Sherwin Nuland is the best-selling author of How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter

Swamp Creature Avenges Doe

Directors: Christian Simmons & Kevin Phillips

Scribe Conjures Alternate Dimension

Also see the Behind the Scenes video.

Director: Christian Simmons

Scantily Clad Android Daughter

Savannah College of Art and Design: Shorts

Director & Editor: Christian Simmons

Grizzly Bear - Knife

If you enjoyed Wanderlust, then you'll probably dig Encyclopedia Pictura's video for Knife.


Again, the Quicktime version's much prettier.

Band: Grizzly Bear
Title: Knife
Album: Yellow House
Director: Encyclopedia Pictura
Runtime: 5:49

Bjork- Wanderlust

The video for Bjork's "Wanderlust" came out a few months ago but it's worth a look if you haven't seen it. A total trip. Directed by Encyclopedia Pictura.


Here's a 'Behind the Scenes' video:

YouTube's swell and all but I recommend you check out the Quicktime version of the video or if you've got a pair of 3D glasses, you can see the 3D Quicktime version, too!

Band: Bjork
Title: Wanderlust (mp3)
Album: Volta
Director: Encyclopedia Pictura
Runtime: 7:19

Saturday, July 12, 2008

William Lamson

I've been having some rough days lately so if something makes me laugh, I'm pretty impressed. I ran across the work of Brooklyn artist, William Lamson the other day. Someone mentioned his video art piece "Think Globally, Act Locally" in a blog. Imagine a man wearing a mask made of protruding bananas, each with a firecracker sticking out of it. Then imagine that this man has a lighter... Bang. That one just plain weirded me out.

What made me chuckle was "Vital Capacity". The look on this guy's face as he tries to blow balloons away from his pin-covered head piece. Maybe later I'll try to contemplate the meaning.

Clark and Michael

CBS ran this web series while I was out of the country last year. I've been catching up on some of it. If you like the Office and that type of "cringe-humor", you may get a kick out of this. Featuring Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad, Arrested Development) and Clark Duke (Clark and Michael, heh), the series follows two best friends as they try to make it big in Hollywood pitching a television series.

Watch 10 episodes at

Walker Stalker


Walker Stalker is a recent winner of the Shorts Nonstop mobile festival. The film follows a woman as she is taunted and pursued through the streets. From what I understand, it's one in a series of horror shorts designed for mobile phones in England.

Director: Keith Claxton
Runtime: 2:20
Official Site:

The site has some interactive previews of the other videos in the series

Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me

Flip book animation, hot!


Band: Kraak & Smaak
Title: Squeeze Me (mp3)
Management: White Mountain
Production company: Pool Productions
Directors: Andre Maat & Superelectric
Post: Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach and Crabsalad
DOP: Eric Lor

Internet Party

It's a party and all of your favorite web sites came. [WARNING: Profanity/NSFW]

By: The Those Aren't Muskets! comedy troupe.

The Googling

Just ran across this clever little web series called "The Googling" from a comedy film troupe called the Vacationeers featuring Todd Berger, Kevin Brennan, Jeff Grace and Blaise Miller.
Part I: Google Maps

Part II: Google Moon

Part III: Google My Maps

Part IV: Google SMS

Directed by: Todd Berger
YouTube Channel:

The Danish Poet

"Kasper, a poet whose creative well has run dry, on a holiday to Norway to meet the famous writer, Sigrid Undset. As Kasper's quest for inspiration unfolds, it appears that a spell of bad weather, an angry dog, slippery barn planks, a careless postman, hungry goats and other seemingly unrelated factors might play important roles in the big scheme of things after all."


The filmmaker came to screen this film at my work last year. I was happy to see that it's available on YouTube's Screening Room series.

Director: Torill Kove
Runtime: 15:16
Official Site:

School of Life

This short film made me a bit uneasy. I felt this tension with the main character who wants in on the big secret. It's funny what effects you when you're going through certain emotions.


Director: Jake Polonsky
Runtime: 6:55

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mr. W

I've been feeling like this dude lately...


PES- "Western Spaghetti"

Brant's blog turned me on to this fantastic short by PES called Western Spaghetti. It's cooking as you've never seen it before. Visit PES's site for a cleaner quicktime version.


Director: Adam Pesapane
Runtime: 1:41
Official Site:


A few years ago when I used to work for Mickey Mouse, I ran across some amazing films from Gobelins l'école de l'image in France. The one short that absolutely blew me away was Pyrats (2006). Put together by five students for Annecy '06, it's the action-packed story of pirates coming to rescue one of their own from execution. Download it in several different formats from the official site below.

Directors: Yves Bigerel , Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux, Julien Le Rolland
Runtime: 1:35
Official site:
has an animation gallery dating back to 2002. I'll feature some of my picks in upcoming posts.

Shorts Nonstop

Canadian Mobile company, Telus, and the Canadian Film Centre have joined together to present Shorts Nonstop, a year-round mobile film festival. You can submit short films up to 3 minutes in length for a chance to win $1,500.

Visit for full details and a look at some of their recent winners.

Thai Ghosts

I spent some time in Thailand recently. There were some spooky nights sitting on the porch of my island bungalow, staring out into the dark jungle surroundings. I'm glad no one ever told me of the ghosts featured in this Thai ad for Sylvania light bulbs. I watched this a half a dozen times, tripping out over how creepy and funny it is at the same time.

via: YouTube
Credit: JEH United, Bangkok

P.S.- I did run into that Jackfruit ghost on Khaosan Road a few times.

Love and War: An Animated Opera


I've been digging some of the shorts on The YouTube Screening Room. Love and War (2006) is an animated Italian opera that I watched while mouthing, "WTF?" It's all sorts of amazing. Winner of the LA Film Fest's Best Animated/Experimental Shorts prize.

Directed by Fredrik Emilson
Runtime: 14:26
Official Site: